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Who am I

You can find me on Google as Motorsports Molly.

I could say my claim to fame as Motorsports Molly is my driving abilities. I’ve spent 4 years working on growing not only as a driver but as a person. I got big ideas and goals every day. I’m from Mount Vernon Ohio. I started as a tomboy who I got bullied in high school so I was driven to finish school at a career center where I graduated with a digital media and software development certification. Since I’ve grown I’ve learned to always be aware that all eyes are on me when I hit the track. I also know what I love doing for a living could end me at any given moment, but that never phases me I just drive. I’m an all in and born ready kind of girl so I created a YouTube channel where I not only share with friends and family but with the world what potential a small town girl has.


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